Upcoming Events

May 3-7 is Staff Appreciation Week! The PTO is gifting each Staff Member $25 for my menu helper! In addition, Lowe's donated 50 succulents to our beloved staff! Parents are asked to send messages about what makes their chosen staff member(s) "Out Of This World"! Our Teachers, Principal, EA's, Cafeteria Staff, Custodians, Counselors, and Office Workers are definitely Out Of This World amazing! Let's remind them with our messages.

Our next PTO meeting will be on Wednesday, May 19, 2021 at 6:30pm via zoom. Look for a link on our We Love Irving Facebook page, and also in your email! Please join us!

Did you hear that we're still doing a Jog-a-thon this year? We are! It's going virtual so that everyone can participate! Rather than the usual Jog-a-thon, this year we are having a Move-a-thon! Any type of exercise, or physical activity, will count towards laps during the week of May 24-28: Every 5 minutes of activity= 1 lap. Groove on over to this link, search your kid's name (first name, last initial), and you'll find a personalized link for them with easy ways to share, share, share!!


The Irving PTO now has a Bottle Drop account. Don't let your cans go to waste! Give them to the PTO! You can grab a blue bottle drop bag from the office, then, when it's all filled up, drop it off at your nearest Bottle Drop location, or at Fred Meyer on Division Ave, or let us know via email (weloveirvingelementary@gmail.com) and we'll come grab it.

Go Tigers!