PTO Meeting Notes

PTO Meeting Notes:

November 17, 2021

Present PTO Board Members: All

Principal Bridgens:

He talked about Care & Connection.

Spirit week 13th-17th of December

Buddy classrooms. Students will write letters and exchange artwork

Students if the month-DQ free mini blizzard, certificate

Joke of the week

Conferences are coming up.

The 1st field trip was a success to Doris Ranch: This was funded by the PTO.

Teachers have hung artwork around campus.

Ms. Holt will be a learning teacher during covid. Any student that is out she will bring supplies, tutor during quarantine.

PTO Discussion:

Need to let families know about Coke rewards, Amazon smile, Fred Meyer

Christmas light recycling will be done through Charlotte.

Joshua is getting an Amazon code to help make it easier for families to sign up for Amazon Smile.

There will be no PTO meeting, or Tiger Take Out in December.

Kelly is going to talk to Starbucks about fundraiser, or donation, possibilities.

Dawn will put out a flyer instead of having a meeting in December.

Irving Cares helped 15 Irving families this year!


October 20, 2021

Present PTO Board Members: Adam, Dawn, Jen, Carol, Hannah

Principal Bridgens:

He talked about the need for Educational Assistants (subs, part-time, and full-time). He asked the community to please share the need with those who may be interested.

Counsellors Elizabeth Johnson and Remi Smith are both working 2 1/2 days each. They're getting into classrooms and doing lessons.

The school finished up doing universal screening for Title 1 services, and Title 1 services are up and running.

Staff are connecting student academics with student knowledge. Students have knowledge to bring to the class from things they learn outside the classroom.

PTO Discussion:

The PTO might be able to help with supplies of classroom snacks if there is a need.

The PTO is off to a healthy financial start.

A parent suggested we remind families about having an Irving Elementary PTO Amazon Smile account, because it all adds up. Fred Meyer also lets you link your rewards cards to Irving.

A parent asked if Square 1 will still happen this year. Dawn confirmed it is still happening! We're hoping for increased participation now that school is open. Dawn will be leading Square 1.

Spirit Gear: The tiger gear fundraiser is live. Hannah is taking the lead on this. We're using custom ink this year to cut back on the need to store gear. They offer a print on demand type of fundraiser that lasts from 2 weeks to 4 weeks while keeping costs reasonable. They do have minimums to print, but they are low as long as you only offer a couple of styles. We might have another spirit gear fundraiser in the future with zip-up hoodies and youth sized sweaters. Ordered shirts and hoodies will be available for pick up at the school by the pillars on Dec. 8. Families will receive flyers about this asap.

Tiger Take Out: Tiger take out is going well! We'll have Panda Express in November. Jen is leading this.

Pie Fundraiser benefitting Irving Cares: This is happening in November. Flyers will be sent home twice. Volunteers are needed to hand out pies at the school. We're offering more types of pies this year! This program helps Irving families during the holiday season. Dawn will be leading this, and doing delivery.

New Business:

Hannah asked about a way to appreciate our bus drivers. Adam suggested coffee gift cards, and Jen seconded. They will be receiving $25 gift cards to show them they are very appreciated.

Adam said he spoke to the district about having vaccinated volunteers go to the school from 3-4pm to help Teachers, but is not sure if that's possible at this time.


September 22, 2021

Present PTO Board Members: Carol, Hannah, Adam, Dawn, Jen

Principal Bridgens:

· He talked about having 9 new licensed staff: Counselor, Music, PE, Spanish, both 2nd grade Teachers, 5th grade Teacher, and Title.

· Students were beginning math and reading assessments to identify students for Title 1.

· He discussed connecting staff with families.

· Everyone is working to keep staff and students safe (sanitizer, hand washing, and masks).

· Students are doing very well with distancing, and connecting with school friends.

· He said BOA is welcome to participate in Irving Events (book fair, MMBB, etc)

· There are school pictures on Tuesday, October 12, 2021.

· There will be an outdoor book fair at the school: Each grade will have a time after school. BOA can go on the day their grade is going.

MMBB: The Monster Mash will either be virtual, or a Trunk or Treat. We need approval first. We’re considering a drive thru event for health and safety reasons. We discussed having the event on Oct 22nd instead of the last Friday before Oct 31 so that students could also attend other free community events.

  • (Update: This event is cancelled for 2021.)

Irving Cares: The PTO will coordinate this with the school Counselor.

November Pie Fundraiser: Funds go towards Irving Cares. Costco is still fine. We aren’t doing rolls this year, but may add a second dessert option.

Tiger Take Out: TTO will usually be on the 3rd Wed of every month so that it can align with PTO meetings. Jennifer will coordinate.

Spirit Gear: In progress. We discussed having stickers, water bottles, zip up hoodies, etc.

Auction: Dawn will coordinate. There might be only 1 this year instead of 2.

Jog-a-thon/Move-a-thon: It’s too early to discuss, but we plan on having it in May.

Field Trips: They might be able to happen, depending on where they would go, bus availability, and health and safety conditions.