Square 1 Art

Alright everyone, here are the instructions to get started on your artwork for our Square 1 fundraiser. I'm so excited to see all of the awesome artwork that you submit from your kiddos. I'm downright giddy!!

Please create and upload art by: 2/17/2021

Parent Order Deadline is: 3/3/2021


Your child may create art on our art paper template that you print out, or on a white square of paper that is at least 8 in x 8 in.

See important Art Requirements

See Video Making Art with Square 1 Art for instructions!

Need art ideas? See fun Art Lesson Videos, or our Pinterest!

You can also create your own art that is different from the lessons provided.

Stay tuned for dates when your school coordinator will be leading Zoom lessons to complete your artwork.

After the art is complete, if you'd like your child to sign their name, please do so in the bottom right or left corner, an inch away from the edge.


Take a photo of your child's art with your phone or tablet. See video How to Take a Photo for Upload.

Take photo directly overhead in bright light, even outdoors! Avoid shadows on the art.

You can edit and crop off any background later in our upload app online.


Click "Art Upload" on our website. (Need help? See art upload video instructions here.)

Enter state and school name to find your school, click "Continue".

Enter your child's name, grade and your email address

Click "Choose File" and upload your child's art from your phone or tablet files.

You will see then your child's art in the Edit App. You may crop the art, add text, or make other edits.

Click "Done" and your art is saved to your school's fundraiser!


You may begin to shop for keepsakes right away at square1art.com/shop! You can send this info to families and friends and they can order too!! Your child's art makes great gifts.

Uploaded your Child's Art but cannot find it?

Just click Art Search to find your child's art.

Thank you for creating art for the Square 1 Art school fundraiser! We hope you had fun! We know you will enjoy your child's art on Square 1 Art keepsakes for years to come!

Need assistance? You can contact your school coordinator, Dawn Kamrath, dawnkamrath@gmail.com, or:

Click Customer Care: